Our students excel in creative writing competition

Last term, seven of our students had their work selected to be published in a book as part of the Young Writers creative writing competition for 11 to 18-year-olds. They were required to produce a gripping 100-word story inspired by numbers, to be assessed by the competition organisers.

The word limit was a great way to encourage our reluctant writers to get started, removing the fear of getting things wrong or not having enough ideas to complete the task.

We have never had so many of our student entries selected at one time for these writing competitions, which demonstrates the strength of the entries we submitted this year.

We are incredibly proud of how our students engaged with this piece of work and the end result speaks for itself. We hope this achievement gives students confidence in their abilities and the motivation to continue creative writing.

We look forward to receiving our copy of the book to be kept in the school library for everyone to enjoy.

Many congratulations to everyone involved!