Our art students showcase their work at recent Arts Award presentation

A visit from Artswork in January was an opportunity to share with them the fantastic work that our students have engaged in as part of the Arts Award. We are very proud of all their hard work and creative results!

Our students have:

  • made figurines using playdough based on the stimulus Wallace and Gromit​
  • used figurines to make stop motion animation videos​
  • constructed story boards based on the stimulus of Wallace and Gromit​
  • created masks using the stimulus Moana​
  • worked as a team to write music and lyrics to an aptly named song about Covid​
  • created pop art work based on the stimulus of Andy Warhol​.

Many of these projects underpin the curriculum and support the students in a number of other GCSE and BTEC subjects.​ For more examples of our art students' work please click here.