Results 2017 – 2018

We are proud to report our 29 Y11 students’ achievements for 2017-2018. Many made great strides in their learning relative to their starting point with us. Our highest achiever achieved 7 qualifications: Grade 7 in English language, distinction in Spoken Language, Grade 5 in Maths, Grade 5 in Double Awards Science, Grade 5 in RE and functional skills in both English and Maths.

Wherever possible we entered students for GCSEs or GCSE equivalent subjects, and our students sat exams in the following range of subjects: English Language, English Literature, Maths, Biology, Double Science, RE and History. We broadened the students’ offer with functional skills at entry Level, L1 and L2, Arts Award (Bronze) and BTec PE.

GCSE (or equivalent) 1-9
1 or more – 66%
4 or more – 34%
5 or more – 24%

GCSE (or equivalent) 4-9
1 or more – 10%
4 or more – 3 %

Level 1 or above – 41%
Level 4 or above – 7%
Level 5 or above – 3%

Level 1 or above – 41%
Level 4 or above – 7%
Level 5 or above – 3%

Both Maths and English
Level 1 or above – 41%
Level 4 or above – 3%
Level 5 or above – 3%

Attainment 8 (performance measures) 6.1 (National AP Average 6.2)

Progress 8 (performance measures) +0.2 (National AP Average -3.1)


Destinations 2018

28 of our 29 Year 11 leavers received firm offers of learning, including opportunities in Engineering, Welding, Hair & Beauty, Health & Social Care, apprenticeships, Construction and Sports & Coaching.

Several of our leavers have started working for employers such as Ikea, a scaffolding company, in retail at Lakeside, in a pharmacy and more – whilst also pursuing further studies on a college course.

More details will be published in May 2019 with updates on the achievements of our 2018 leavers.


Results 2016 – 2017

Pupils at Olive AP Academy – Thurrock performed broadly in line with the progress and attainment of students in alternative provision (AP) centres nationally.

Entries to GCSE courses were generally higher than the national rate for the classes of 2017 and 2016. This reflects the academy’s policy that, wherever possible, pupils are entered for GCSE courses to improve their life chances.

In 2017 pupil outcomes at Olive AP Academy – Thurrock were lower than the previous year. However, in most measures they compare favourably with national AP averages. Significantly larger numbers of pupils were entered for GCSE level qualifications.

In 2016, pupil attainment was higher than the national average at G+, C+ and A/A* grades in almost all measures. In the measures where Olive AP Academy – Thurrock’s outcomes were lower, it is only by very marginal amounts.

Pupils left with equal to or higher than the national AP average in 2016. In 2017 these figures were lower, reflecting the changing cohort.


A summary of Olive AP Academy – Thurrock exam results 2012 to 2017*:

*Olive AP Academy – Thurrock converted in April 2015.


GCSE Results 2015/16: Click here for our GCSE results for 2015/2016 .