Behaviour & attendance

At Olive Academies, we aim to provide all our pupils with the best possible standards of education. We want our academies to be a place where our young people can thrive, learn and achieve their best. We offer flexible, personalised programmes and a wide range of positive experiences, so that young people can develop the confidence to believe in themselves and make positive choices for their futures.


At Olive AP Academy – Thurrock we believe all of our students have the ability and the right to learn and achieve. We support success by encouraging our young people to ‘dare to be Olive’.

Students are positively encouraged to be ready to learn, be respectful and be safe whilst at the academy. Students are awarded Olive character points for exceptional behaviour during the academy day. Parents/ carers are regularly updated about each student’s behaviour achievements.

We want our academy to be an environment which is safe, supportive and free from intimidation. We actively promote a culture of awareness, tolerance and inclusion where all forms of bullying are seen as unacceptable. Please also read our full Anti-bullying Policy for further advice and information.

Read our full Statement of Behaviour Principles. We’ve also developed a set of behaviour principles to help students keep as safe as possible during Covid-19.



Our aim is to foster a sense of responsibility, a joy of learning and to create a community where learning is felt to be important and crucial to securing wellbeing and increased life chances. Academy staff work closely with link agencies to ensure maximum attendance and therefore the achievement for all pupils. Our academy’s Education Welfare Officer, Sarah Coe offers support to our pupils and their families and carers. Please read our full Attendance Policy and contact the academy if you would like any advice or support regarding your child’s attendance. We believe that strong links and effective communication with parents/carers is vital to ensure a child’s good attendance at the academy.

Attendance is a safeguarding issue – the health, safety and wellbeing of our academy pupils is paramount. Please also see our Safeguarding Policy.


A fixed term exclusion is a sanction used following serious incidents or when all other interventions have been exhausted. Careful consideration is given when discussing a potential fixed term exclusion and maintaining a positive climate for learning underpins these discussions. The restorative approach runs alongside any fixed term exclusions and the family will be included in this process. The decision to exclude rests with the headteacher in consultation with Senior Leadership Team. You can find out more about when an exclusion may be considered for a pupil in our Statement of Behaviour Principles.

The academy follows a standard process around reintegration. The academy’s lead for behaviour will contact the parent/carer immediately following an exclusion to invite them to discuss the exclusion. The behaviour lead will also arrange for a return from exclusion meeting to be held and invite both the parent/carer and their child to attend.

If you have concerns regarding an exclusion from Olive AP Academy – Thurrock, you can raise your concerns with members of the Academy Advisory Board (Exclusions appeal panel). Please also refer to our Complaints Policy.

If you wish to gain further advice, you can also contact the Thurrock Education Welfare Service , Senior Access and Inclusion Officer on 01375 652568.