We have up to 96 pupils on roll at any time. Pupils may be referred by the Thurrock Fair Access Inclusion Panel. At panel meetings all local schools are represented and decisions are made on appropriate educational provision for each individual pupil. You can find out more about this process from the Senior Access and Inclusion Officer at Thurrock Council on 01375 652188.

Olive AP Academy – Thurrock also accepts complex needs referrals for pupils who may need tuition in small groups. These referrals must be supported by medical evidence in order to be accepted.

Please contact the academy office for further admissions information and advice at

You can also contact:

Thurrock Council Admissions Team
T: 01375 652883

Thurrock Council Education Welfare Service
T: 01375 652 568

If you, a friend or family member is looking for support with a school exclusion you can also contact these organisations for advice or support:

Here’s what our pupils say about their time at Olive AP Academy – Thurrock:

“I attended mainstream school until I got to year 9, during year 9 I started messing around. I avoided going to lessons and reached a point where I didn’t attend any of them. Since coming to Olive I have really developed my patience and I don’t lose my temper as much. The staff at Olive have spent a lot of time helping me. I still find the thought of exams stressful, but I feel as though being at Olive gives me the best chance of success.”

“I feel this is the first time that anyone at school has really listened to me.”

“Olive haven’t given up on me, where I feel other people have given up on me in the past.”