Academy improvement plan

Our academy improvement plan for 2020-21 is currently being finalised and will be added here when it is completed.  Our plan for 2019-20 is below and details all our key objectives and explains what we hoped to achieve at Olive AP Academy – Thurrock last year:

The detailed improvement plan also explains our academy’s key performance indicators for this academic year. These are:

o Leadership in the academy is outstanding at every level
o The safeguarding culture at the academy is outstanding and embedded into every aspect of academy life
o CPD is purposeful and has impact across the Trust
o Processes for academy improvement are robust and accurate

o 90% of teaching is judged as Proficient or above
o The QE document is the culture of the academy and is embedded into every aspect of academy life
o The Olive Way is embedded into the academy life
o Curriculum offer to students helps shape their next steps

o Whole academy attendance at the academy is above 70%
o The number of Level 4 and 5 incidents are reduced
o Fixed term exclusions are reduced by 50%
o Olive Way lessons are constantly planned and delivered as proficient or above

o Every student at the academy completes at least the bronze experiences on the Olive Charter
o Every Pathway area offers at least one extra curricular activity each week
o The pupil premium grant is used to support opportunities and experiences for those young people from disadvantaged backgrounds
o The Character Education offer at the academy is shared across the trust and within the local community